Ahmedabad – Gujarat heart

Our life – a book that has a lot of pages, but those who do not travel, read only one page of the world. So let begin a trip to another sphere of the world, which begins with the heart of the western Indian state of Gujarat. Created along the banks of the river Sabarmatsi, a bustling city with a & # 39 is the largest and the capital of Gujarat. It was founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah and named after him.
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Being the second largest producer of cotton in the country and with the & # 39 is home to the second oldest stock exchange in India, it promotes the highest level of profit to the state, which increases the level of GDP, and further stimulate the growth and development of the city.
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In recent years, the city grew as the highest commodity-industrial polar star and earned sobriety as the “Manchester of the East”. In 2012, the Journal Times of India was chosen as the best city to live in India and ranks third in the Forbes list, with fast-growing cities.

Points to ponder over:

City with & # 39; is the owner of a number of huge monuments and directions for their research, which attract an unparalleled number of domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world. Supreme attractions that should monitor the status include – National Museum Patel SardarVallabhbhai, Sabarmatsi Ashram Mosque Sidi Sayed, Kankaryya, Calico Textile Museum, Ellis Bridge, bridge Nehru, Jama Masjid and many others who have to visit the researchers simultaneously.
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What to do in Ahmedabad:

There are many options, so that researchers can enjoy in Ahmedabad if the walk to the famous museums and art galleries. Shopping in Ahmedabad is also a great option to gurzhary, bandha and textile wholesale products. Besides shopping, travelers can enjoy spicy food in a typical guzharatsi-hoist. On the street, in a luxurious and wonderful restaurants Ahmedabad can buy traditional guazharatsi, including HamanDhokla, Handvi, Surman, and Dudpak Shryhand. Here you can experience the fight of life father of the nation of Gandhi ji during his visit to the Ashram Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, etc.
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Best time to visit Ahmedabad:

The best time to visit the city of Ahmedabad in accordance with pleasant conditions out & # 39; I – November to February. The nearest airport – airport Sardar Valyabhhay.
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