The food is good at the budget travel

If you are traveling on the road, you can find sophisticated food at reasonable prices
Especially if you have to stay in a big city, which has good food
restaurant culture. If you are faced with a budget, you want to try and maximize the
your enjoyment per dollar. If you want to eat well, try the local cuisine
budget price, you will need to do some research to find the perfect restaurant
It offers a balance between quality and price.

First, consult your hotel or hostel to find, breakfast included
your stay. In Europe, many hotels provide breakfast. If you offer hotel again
breakfast, do not miss it in favor of the payment of food elsewhere. Some of my most
memorable meals were breakfast at the hostel, which was nothing more than a roll, butter,
jam and some coffee with milk. Breakfasts at hotels and hostels are also a great way to
meet other guests.

One option for the budget power with the & # 39 is the food in the restaurant with a network with which you are familiar,
e.g., McDonald & # 39; s, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can find
McDonald & # 39; from anywhere in the world. I made my way through Rome using free
Map of McDonald's, which in addition to refer to all tourist attractions had the mark
for each MacDonald in Rome. However, if you would like to read
Culture of the country you are visiting, eating at a fast food restaurant – it's not good

Another option – to buy food and prepare meals. If you do not have anything,
refrigerator or stove in a hotel room, this option may not be very feasible. Still, you
You can purchase items that do not need to be heated and make the food. when I
Florence was a loaf of bread, Parma ham and cheese together with K & # 39; Yangqi
I made a very nice picnic, which I really liked. Make sure you try to make sample
of local food items.

It has one or two meals a day from a street vendor or restaurant
be a good way to still eat very well, but to save money. In Paris I had a fantastic and ham
cheese sandwiches from a street vendor for lunch. They were delicious, I have kept
I am going and did not break the budget. When I was at a conference in Washington, I
He opened a small store where you make sandwiches with fresh eggs and cheese
toast to order. They sold them for just $ 2.00, and I ate there every morning.

In Rome, I discovered a small pizza shop around the corner from
Pantheon. The restaurant is done on huge rectangular pizza pans of letters
them in the kitchen with a transparent glass window. You can order by pointing at
good you want, moving, how big you want your piece (they charge
weight) and ask for it to be warmed up. Then you will be happy to take your slice of pizza
the square, sit on the steps and enjoy.

Friendship with other guests in the hotel, concierge and local residents – one more
a great way to take good food that will benefit budget. Ask your local, when they
know any good restaurants that are too expensive. They should be able to come
It consists of a number of good options for you. Make sure that you specify that you want to sample
some local dishes. I have even known friends who have invited
before lunch (not that it should be your goal).

Another good way to find cheap restaurants – always search for a product
place to eat. If you re-visited tourist site, stop at several restaurants and read
their menu (usually located in the window). Even if you are not hungry, you can
decides to come back later. Me with this technique had better luck when I head
area of ​​the city, which is not a & # 39 is your standard tourist destination.

Food in the restaurant with full service – the most expensive dining option, so if
you are really on a budget, you can limit the number of full meals
you eat In addition, in some countries the food behind the counter cheaper than sitting
at the table. After listening to the recommendations and a little research, you can
Avoid expensive restaurants serving tourists.

If you are going back to the budget, you can still eat well during his travels, you just need it to be
I know all about their dining options. Ask locals for recommendations. Make
I am sure you know the price before you eat. Most importantly, try new things.
Stretch your boundaries and try something you've never eaten at home. after
all because, for some reason you travel to find something else.