Life in B & # 39; etname

Greetings! I will tell you about their shoes, that what wanted to find a job in the teaching of English in B & # 39; etname. I did it, and it's not easy, so I will try to facilitate you. Now it's time to relax and unwind, to see how easy or how difficult it is to find a job English language teaching in B & # 39; etname.

Currently, the Internet, smart phones and Google Play your world travel a lot easier. But you must be aware of the applications as new all the time out. As, it is running GPS, instead of the data, so that you can still find your way as soon as you arrive at the B & # 39; etnam or any other country. In the & # 39; etnam – this tourist mecca, visitors crawl through the cities and countryside. The entire old quarter of Hanoi full of hostels and hotels that cater for all levels of expenditure. From the cheapest hostel at $ 2.50, which will soon be $ 3.50, to the highest that you can afford. And the whole country is focused on the tourists, with organized tours wherever you want to go.

Among the tourists, nestled among the rebels of foreign workers, mainly teachers, living in this beautiful country with a lot of pollution in major cities, but not as bad as in China. It seems that the whole system of teaching here is mainly from one school to another. Most teachers go on motorcycles, while others go by bus. And they come and go like flies. In the main cities of the competition for work is quite intense, but outside the cities they are always watching for teachers.

And some teachers have come here with the hope to get a job and get to Cambodia, where it is easier to get a job. Some come here and knocked on the beach and just refuse to look for work. Life here is good. He entered the section "How cheap to live in a world that is not clean." And of tourist destinations and large cities are still cheap with beautiful beaches. And the joy of modernization is that you can escape to an idyllic beach and teach children in China through the Internet. You are not limited to the four walls of the classroom. And if you love beaches, sun, sand and a few beers after work, this is a country where you want to crash.

This I have to say, but in the & # 39; etnam – this place, because you can still get a three-month visa. China – a place, but now in the & # 39; etnam. Earlier, Hong Kong was the site of Hong Kong, but it remains the same, we might call the Hong Kong baseline. Previously, for example, about 15 to 20 years ago, when you were traveling from Hong Kong to China, you are back in the past, such as in the 30s. Now, when you go abroad at Lowe's, you are going in 2020, China has become progressive over the past 20 years. But some things never change, and Hong Kong – one of them.

In China, they usually give you 30 days in the country, and you still need to get a very expensive visa. Remote crisis on three-month visas that we have received a couple of years ago, which cost almost nothing. Since the economies of the world problems, visa restrictions are weakened, but not so in Asia, where the economy is booming. In the big cities of China sea of ​​people just spend the money, and it keeps the economy. If the economy begins to slide into a recession or economic slowdown, they tend to live from the tourists and they make it easier for tourists to enter the country.