How to travel the world as cheaply as possible

I travel for a long time, so this time I noticed some things that I would like to share with you. If you want to travel the world and far away from being able to become a millionaire, then this is the right position for you. I'm just one of many examples that prove that it is more than possible.

There were a lot of articles on the subject, and much more is waiting for, because the journey around the world will become a dream for many. Here are a few tips that I personally use to travel as cheaply as possible, and there is still a place to stay (no grass in the park or at the bus station), food and a lot of fun.

Save money on transportation

This is one of the most important things is to travel cheap. Traveling by land is generally cheaper than a trip on the plane, so try not to move too much from one place to another, just in the opposite part of the world. It is better to buy a ticket to the site and explore it more deeply, and then move on land and not to go back, just move on to another destination. Make a route without going back to the same place more than once.

If you can, hitchhike or hire a car if you are traveling with a lot of people, so you can split the cost. Try to walk as much as possible and do not use a taxi for transportation in the city. Your feet – your best friend. Believe me, it is easy to pass even a couple of kilometers a day (that will also help you stay in shape), and if not, use public transport. Remember that taxi prohibited.

Save money on food

There is only one piece of advice, which should be used when eating, if the road – Avoid eating in restaurants. Not only dinner, but breakfast and any snacks can be very expensive to buy, especially in some countries (eg, in Europe). Try to cook and prepare meals whenever you & # 39 with the opportunity arises, it will save you a lot of money. If the time you do not have a kitchen, try the local market to get the best fruit / vegetable / meat, and in many cases you can get there is very little cooked food.

If you have no other chance but to have lunch, find a good place outside the tourist zone. If the locals go there, this is the best sign. It will be much cheaper, and perhaps even tastier, as they will have more time to cook it without all the hassle of travel. Get the day's menu. But be careful: in some countries, you can easily get stomach pain or diarrhea, if you are not accustomed to local food.

Save money on accommodation

Logically, NO 5 * hotel, not 4 * and the rest is not included. Usually the cheapest ways – a youth hostel, but you have to get used to share rooms and a bathroom with other people, so privacy is not offered. If you are staying more than 2 – 3 weeks, then remove the apartment.

Outside the center / away from the beach / or in any place that tourists frequently visit, always much cheaper than exactly where everybody goes. Small hotel, run by the local people, are cheaper than the large hotel resorts. And try free home exchange or, which is now widely used.

Save money on travel agencies

Most of the time not only to travel agencies cost you more than when you do go on a trip, but if you book a ticket for that too charges a fee. Thus, use some websites, such as Scyscanner, Kayak, Expedia yourself and take time to check everything to find the best deal. If you can save a validation plane tickets even half the price or more.

Or make your own travel blog and start to promote a travel agency for a free trip in exchange (the so-called press-trip).