6 ways to stretch your budget for travel

We all love to travel, but we often feel that we can afford the next vacation. There are so many things to which we love to spend, we want a luxurious stay, cool shopping, eating at different restaurants, but that requires money and to exceed our budget for the trip. The journey should not be expensive. Here are six ways to maximize resources for travel.

Save on flights

If you plan your trip in advance, at least for 6 months or even a year in advance, you can take advantage of promotional prices. Subscribe to the mailing list of airlines; receive updates on deals through Facebook and Twitter. Usually cheaper to travel in the midst. Offers for travel entirely based on availability, and since most people travel on weekends, you will find the cheapest deals for airline tickets, unless traveling on a weekday. If you find that the flight without the clock movement is too expensive, try adding a stop and check, it costs less. Direct flights are also cheaper than flying on a non-stop, especially if you fly on long-haul flights.

overland journey

Imagine having to sit on the bike and go on the breathtaking scenery. Or on bikes around the majestic temples and the historic sites. How about to board the train, try the delicacies and talk to the locals and like-minded people? Of course, this is not always the most convenient option, but slowly travel by road – one of the cheapest ways to experience the country.

Travel at night

This saves you money in two ways, firstly, it is an unpopular option, so it is usually cheaper, and secondly, you save money on accommodation. Most night trains and flights with red eyes – the cheapest options to get from one place to another. Not so and attempt a close eye on sleeping train.

skip hotel

Instead of always stay in expensive hotels, try alternatives such as boarding schools and family homes & # 39; and. Not only that, you are helping to support the local economy, you also do not have to spend money, especially if you save a few rights. In any case, you spend most of your time outdoors. Another affordable and convenient option – to rent an apartment or an apartment if you are traveling with a group. You can choose a place with a kitchen, so you do not have to constantly eat.

Keep track of expenses

Bring a small notebook and list the daily expenses. Record all that spending as travel, accommodation, meals and even small items, such as drinks or laundry. It helps to know where your money is going, so you know what you need to chop. Carefully, like theft budget unnecessary purchases and excessive partying.

Try local food

The main part of your fund will travel for food. Since it is possible to eat well without getting off? Ask the locals about their cheap, these recommendations. Normally, when a crammed place, the food is good and inexpensive. Be open to try the local delicacies, not only because this is your cheapest option, it is also an essential part of travel.