Flash sale hotel: good and bad

5 star hotel for the price of 1 star. Toll-free numbers. Too good to be true hotel offers. sales of flash sites & # 39 appeared across the global network of the weak economy, and gastsinisty desperately want to lose the unused inventory. And consumers cashing in on these flash sales sites, which are discharged hotel inventory with incredibly deep discounts. Websites such as Living Social, Haute Look, Snique Away, Travelzoo and JetSetter. However, consumers believe that they save a lot of money. But is this stable model for the hotel industry? Or all of these growing flash-sites eventually pluck ADR and consumer confidence across the board as it was done OTA sites in the past?

Flash sites are large in size, acting as exclusive (requires friendship by email), acting as auction sites or offering promotional deals on Flash Bang, only available for a very limited time. To further complicate the process, sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, on the & # 39; unite consumers to further decline in hotel prices.

Currently, the model works. Statistics show that consumers on the & # 39; together these flash sites. And now gatelyary shed inventory. Luxury Hotels, finally becoming available to ordinary travelers as 4 and 5 star resorts offer steep discount offers 40-60%. Many consumers believe that they are now not only can stay in nice hotel than they could afford in the past, but also to remain in the on & # 39; sites longer. Many deals include free nights, extends the stay of consumers and free upgrades to other facilities. Thus, one way of viewing flash sales sites – it saves the community money during the unloading of hotel rooms for the industry. Win-win, right?

The question arises, how these hotels are jumping on board the train sales, whether they support and build the model on which they start complaining after a few years? Lacking in these hotels creativity and a willingness to invest in direct sales (as do Flash sites)?

Flash sales sites are useful for the retail market, which is to unload the unsold structures from their shelves, where there are new models released or next season. For these types of discount products – is another way to get rid neprodazhnay inventory. This is not the hotel industry. As we have seen what happened to the OTA, high dyskontnasts leads to value erosion and lack of loyalty and confidence of consumers. Gastsinisty so often collect their inventory and for a discounted price will be almost impossible to convert the rates to where it should be when the time comes. All of these short-term gains will offset long-term growth and sustainability. Even if demand increases with a stronger economy, there is a danger that in the near future sales sites will set the bar too low for the ADR entity and create the impossible.

It is time prachnuts gatelyarav, learn what they see sales of these flash sites, and use them on their own sites. Switch this principle are URL-address offset to its own provisions and reservations item zaahvotsivshy to the same urgency, exclusivity and loyalty as flash sales sites. After all the advantages of flash-site (both in terms of marketing, and from the point of view of consumers) are applied to their own web site of the hotel, a real win-win situation. Gatelyanery able to meet their expectations of tariffs to satisfy consumers & # 39; striving for the best hotel offers. While this does not happen, the interim site for the sale of short-term seems the answer to the eternal question; where can I find the best deal?