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About Guadalajara and Miami

Stunning architecture, rich culture and magical herbs – some of the characteristics of the Mexican city called the "Pearl of the West", Guadalajara. The city is often referred to as the cultural center of Mexico and is considered the home of mariachi music. In the beautiful city also hosts a number of grand cultural events, such as the International Film Festival in Guadalajara International Book Fair of Guadalajara, and other world-renowned events that attract crowds from all over the world.

Seductive beaches, busy streets and real people – some of the features of the American city, which is also known as the "Capital of Latin America", Miami. It is the largest city and a leading center of commerce, finance, culture, entertainment, media, arts and international trade. The city is also called "Clean City of America" ​​and is widely recognized for its wide green spaces, good air quality, clean streets, hygienic drinking water and recycling programs.

Tourist attractions to identify

Both cities offer a wide range of attractions that you will find a great choice.

In Guadalajara, the Institute for Cultural boar ekspiratatsyynym temples, theaters Degolada, Katedrale, Tlekepake and Tunali artisans Zoologika Guadalajara, Pyramid Guahimontone, Basque Kalamos, Metropolitan Cathedral, Estadyo Omnilife, Basilica de Zapapon, Palacio Expo, Expo, Gosbe, Elp, Elp, Expo Gosbo, Elpit, Expo, Gosbo, Elpit, Expo, Gosbo, Elpit, Expo, Gosbo, Elpit, Expo, Gosbe, Elpit Expo, Gosbio, Elpit Expo, Gosbio, Elpit Expo, Gosbio, Elpit Expo, Gosbio, Elp, Elp, Elp, Elp should be top of your list.

In Miami, a mandatory item visit with & # 39 are American Airlines Arena Arena, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Wynwood Walls, Zoological Wildlife Foundation, Metromover, Zoo Miami, Dolphin Mall, Marlins Park, Wynwood, Wynwood Art Walk, Bayside Marketplace, Safari Edventure, Bayfront Park and Miami Trolley.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to reveal the bright Mexican city – this fall season, that is in October and November. However, if you are looking for cheap flights to Guadalajara, Mexico, and lower hotel rates, spring season, ie from March to June, it is recommended, as a number of airlines offering cheap flights to Guadalajara because of the low season.

The best time to reveal the beautiful city of Miami – sometime between March and May, when the weather & # 39; e is not less than excellent from the sunlight, which is spreading throughout the city. If you are traveling on a budget, we recommend a summer trip.

If your travel plans are flexible and you can do three or four days in addition, you can also fly to Guadalajara from Miami Flights from Miami to Guadalajara, available year round, and often with some attractive deals and offers.

major airports

Guadalajara International Airport (the GDL) and Miami International Airport (MIA) – the main commercial airports serving the city.