Reviews of hotels, you should do it?

If you think about the reviewer hotels, what image pops to mind? Most likely, you are a man who stops in the most luxurious hotels in the world, eating in fine restaurants and treat him like a king. Perhaps this image may be true if you are a reviewer, who works for the major publications such as Forbes or LHW voucher. Unfortunately, most of the reviewers on the hotel, as I do not work on large publications; rather independently. This causes some difficulties, which I will say in the following paragraphs.


Fans and small reviewers usually do not have large financial resources. In contrast to the major publications that can buy the best equipment on the market to hire well-known journalists and purchase advertising, people like me can not afford. In fact I can not even draw their own pictures of the hotel where I work, instead I need to apply to every hotel that I would like to show, and get permission to use their materials, a process that was very difficult.


In most hotels, I've worked on, it was very difficult to work with. Departments of public relations and marketing of luxury hotels generally will give you a hard time, before giving you permission to use their media materials, even if your goal – to show them in a very positive light.


If you create a review and recommend people to go to a certain place, you have committed them and take responsibility for your recommendations. Of course, you will not be held responsible for their satisfaction, but you will not sleep at night if you send someone to a place that you do not like sincere and honest. Research plays a key role in this work. My budget does not allow me to personally attend or at least send someone to whom I trust, in the hotel where I work, instead I strongly depend on the differences of each hotel, in which I won, and from the reviews guests who share their experiences with the world. Fortunately, I still got great feedback from people who went to the recommended hotel by me, which brings me great pleasure.

Time consumption:

If you perform the copyrights and intellectual property value hotels in which you work, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the project. Once you get all the permissions that you have had, you have to start considering a review. Find the perfect background music, narration, filtered unimportant photos and videos and write a lot of text. In the end, you have to wrap everything in the video, which may not exceed ten minutes.

Thanks and recognition:

Personally, when I finish the review, it filled me with a sense of joy. But, unfortunately, not everyone will like the video that you work so hard to create, you will not get millions of views and this is not rich. If you are inconsistent and do not upload every day and not a blog, you just do not get the appreciation and recognition you deserve.

That being said, not all bad for the review of hotels. I know that every review that I publish, vacation turns someone who I do not know much better. Reviews hotels to encourage better service and be more welcoming and friendly. In this work there are wonderful food, and who knows what opportunities will open up to me it's a hobby.

So, what do you think, after reading this article? Do you still want to become a reviewer of the hotel?