Bitcoin Side Networks: An Emerging Market
According to Blockchain researchers, as of October 17, a total of 9,661 BTC ($ 76.96 million), or 0.054% of today’s Bitcoin supply, resides on three major network projects.

Side chains are separate blockchain clamps that are connected to a conventional cryptocurrency block, that is, the trunk. Users can interact with it through a related mechanism; They send money to or from another party, with security features ensuring that the coins are not available simultaneously on both networks.

Side chains have been around for several years and have different functions depending on the goals of the developers.

Blockstream Fluid Connectivity, or LBTC, for example, focuses on changing business while enabling enhanced functionality for merchants on Bitcoin’s core network.

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Binance chain causes balances
Fluid launched in October 2018 currently includes 89 moderate BTC ($ 709,700). This figure was reduced to 9,001 BTC ($ 71.74 million) for the largest network, Binance Chain.

Even the Bitcoin WRApped Bitcoin (WBTC) lateral device, which is actually a collector of Ethereum-based ERC-20 standards, including 571 BTC ($ 4.55 million) – is more than liquid.

The WBTC debuted in January this year, and Binance Chain – the Binance cryptocurrency exchange home project – was able to open its mantle in April.

Earlier this week, blockchain wallet provider and digital asset manager CoinShares launched its own Bitcoin line, in the form of a gold mark network.

Tips for cheap aviyabiletse – when is the best time to start looking for available flights?

People are always asking questions like "How can I get cheap air?" and "When is the cheapest time to fly?" Answers to these questions depend on a variety of factors, including location, travel trends, price fluctuations, weather & # 39; ie, the season and so on. The more flexibility you have, the easier it will be to find a good deal. If there is an emergency and you have to get on a plane over the next few days, you'll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that you can get an affordable deal at the last minute.

You can also check if there is a discount or promo codes that you can use to travel sites. Now it may be something available to reduce travel costs. If you can not be flexible in terms of, perhaps you can be flexible at the airport. Despite the fact that to get to your destination may require more time, you can save if you fly to an alternate airport, and then sit on the bus or on the train the rest of the way.

Many experts believe that "Prem & # 39; EPHA booking window" for the purchase of tickets is between 3 weeks and 4 months in advance. During this time period, the price of admission is often very low.

As mentioned above, the seasons also affect the cost of tickets. If you aim for the summer, the best time to hunt for cheap – for 1.5 months ahead. The earlier in the summer you book, the better the chances of getting a good deal. Fall is usually "shoulder season" for most popular destinations, so you should be able to find tickets at reasonable prices during this period, except for the week of Thanksgiving in the US.

Tips for Cheap flights to holiday

While the holiday season at the end of December / beginning of January can travel an expensive time for most of the winter has the cheapest air. Window main reservation – 21 days and 100 days in advance. Spring flights can be a bit tricky, since it's such a popular month for travel. The temperature suitable for the climatic beach and mountain holidays. Plus, it's spring break for lots of high school kids and college. It is recommended to book exactly 90 days from the date of travel.

There is always a chance that something unexpected can ruin your plans, such as personal emergencies, severe out & # 39; e, etc. Therefore, if you buy a cheap air, make sure you understand the cancellation policy..

Tourist sites – the safest and best place to find and compare cheap price rates, no matter when and where you plan to go on a trip, and no matter whether you are going on business or pleasure. It's always a good idea to view offers and coupons on the Internet.

Holidays in Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand – a large country. This is a very popular place for tourists and, until recently, was number three in the world. Perhaps it will be again. Bangkok and Phuket tend to be quite expensive and, frankly, Pattaya can also be. How expensive holiday depends on the choice. The number of options that are open to you depends on the pre-planning.

Book your flight today to fly tomorrow, and it will cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, if you are very lucky and grab a fantastic final deal. Book two, three, four months in advance, and the price will be much lower. The further in advance you book, the more airlines will be available for selection. If the time is not too much, you can jump and use two or three airlines.

If possible, you should choose the off-season & # 39; visit. This again multiply your choice of hotels and will give you much better deals. The weather & # 39; and a difference in the & # 39; High Season & # 39; or & # 39; off season & # 39; in Pattaya. Of course, as many do. If there is rain, the rain is usually short-lived and, frankly, a little relief.

Now you can book a hotel in advance, and in fact, I advise you to do it, but it can only book for three days, even if it is your intention to stay for a few weeks. If you are in the off-season, you will not have problems to extend your stay. On the other hand, you have three days to view and book somewhere better. Always have a fantastic offer for those who are shopping. The Internet is all very well, but that the agents of the maze, waiting to shoot them a little bit.

Pattaya is great for food. International cuisine that is offered, it is not surprising. Prices, too, are usually much lower than in Europe. In Europe, the Thai food is expensive in Thailand – cheap. Not just cheap, but tasty. Here he prepared specialists and use local products. If you are going to have Thai food, then forget about the big fancy restaurants, and those that are close to the main tourist traction. Go up the sides of the Soi (road) and here you will find the best of the best. You can with the & # 39; there is a very good for the dollar.

Do not use a taxi to get there. Bus Sang Thaew Baht or very easy to use and very cheap. Almost impossible to get anywhere in the city for two or three jumps. Alternatively, use moto & # 39; (Motorcycle taxi). It will cost more to share, but it will take you to where you are going to triple.

Pattaya has plenty of cinemas, oils bowling, zoos, beaches, islands, shopping, golf, resorts and more to anyone not happy throughout the day. At night the city comes alive. This is the party capital of the world, and you can afford it

Travel is free – just watch the 90-minute presentation

Is not it strange, if you could go on vacation for free?

Or, you could go to rich places and get the best treatment, food and drinks!

You do not need to think that this is a fantasy. This is quite possible. All the time around the world people are going on vacation for free. These holidays are provided by advertising companies that want to sell you a temporary use or other goods in exchange for your time.

These free trip may be your only visit to the 90-minute presentation after arrival. Once you get to the resort, you will attend these presentations to get free access to the hotel and free plane tickets. In exchange for all that you have to listen to several hours of marketers who are trying to sell you a variety of things, but you do not need to buy.

They use this opportunity to sell you all sorts of things, and it usually works. they usually know what you want, analyzing your salary, where you live and your age. Actually it is very easy to make such considerations for marketers.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have already done so, and the funny thing is that they are looking for you to take a free vacation.

You can stay in five-star hotels for free and with a & # 39; has amazing food, great views examined.

Cancun, Mexico, with the & # 39 is a popular destination for marketing campaigns, because they remove the hotel rooms. When I say cheap, I mean $ 200 per night. Many times the whole trip included. Cancun is probably the best place to go, because it is so beautiful.

Perhaps you can guess what Cancun for them so cheap that they really want to send you there. They earn money in that after sending you there, if they'll sell you a temporary use, it can cost them thousands of dollars in future boards. Plus, you can actually.

Of course, first you have to qualify for a free holiday.

To get a free vacation, you have to have a job. You also need to have a salary of more than $ 10 000 a year. In addition, you must live in Canada or the United States.

If you do not accept the qualification, you can be sure that they have other features that they offer you. In addition, they allow you to bring your whole something & # 39; S.

The adoption of all of your family & # 39; and is great because you have won and for the flights without paying.

10 international destinations, which allow you to spend a relaxing vacation within your budget

Below mentioned low cost international tourist destinations of India. It is advisable to pre-book international tours online and get discounts on hotels and airfare.

1. Maldives
Maldives – one of the cheapest international destinations from India. This exotic island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is a popular place for a honeymoon tour and aquatic adventure tours. He has sandy sea beaches and cottage resorts on the tide, less sea water – is its amazing beauty.

2. Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka – an excellent sub-tropical island in the Indian Ocean. This place is popular for excursions to the inheritance and excursions in nature. Kandy and Anuradhapura – a popular place for the consideration of some UNESCO World Heritage Site. You should drink the Sri Lankan tea once in Nuwara Eliya. It is a mountainous region in the central province.

3. Dubai:
Dubai – the best place for excursions across the UAE. Once in Dubai, you are in Alpha city. This place is popular for luxury tourism, desert tours and adventure tours. You can see the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. This is the best place to buy international brands and jewelry.

4. Nepal:
Nepal – the best place for the powerful Himalayan tour. People who want to achieve high-altitude places Himalayan mountains can take a mountain adventure tours in Nepal. The main attraction – a ride in a helicopter over Everest, who & # 39 is the world's highest mountain peaks. You can also see its beauty, with its base camp.

5. Thailand:
Thailand – a budget place to spend luxury tours, inherited tours, beach tours, and sex tourism. Phuket – this is the place you want to visit again on a bare beach, Thai massage, bars and restaurants next to the sandy beach. You can enjoy the night life and relax in nightclubs that offer many kinds of entertainment.

6. Indonesia:
Indonesia – Cheap international tourist destination of India. It is popular among the sandy sea beaches, tiny islands and cultural heritage. You need to visit Bali for a luxury tour in its resorts on the beach. In this island nation has a lot of beautiful places that you can see the many UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Bhutan
Bhutan – the cheapest and best place for a wide Himalayan tour. This is the best place for mountain trekking and forest hikes. This cultural heritage, where you can see the Buddhist tradition. A tourist visa is not required for the Indians, who visit Bhutan. The cheapest way to travel to Bhutan – road Zhaygaona from India.

8. Singapore
Singapore – affordable place for tours of India. It is a popular place for honeymoon travel, luxury travel and adventure travel. This is the best place to buy electronic items at a cheaper price. To purchase different goods need to visit the city of China. Travel inland waterways and rail subways will give you a great view on the modern city. There are many tiny islands that with & # 39 is a popular destination for visitors honeymoon.

9. Oman
– Oman is the best place for tourist excursions in the Arab nations. You can take a desert safari and relax near the sea beaches once in Oman. You must also take a tour of Muscat. In Oman, you can visit many historical monuments and heritage sites.

10. Egypt:
Tour of the Giza Pyramids is necessary for all to see the most enthusiastic about the wonders of this world. You find yourself in a secret, if you visit the Valley of the Kings. This is the best place for history buffs. This is a place for archaeological tourism. Other sites that can be seen – the temples of Abu Simbel, Karnak, Luxor Temple, Edfu Temple and Phil. You should also visit Alexandria and its museum.

How to travel the world as cheaply as possible

I travel for a long time, so this time I noticed some things that I would like to share with you. If you want to travel the world and far away from being able to become a millionaire, then this is the right position for you. I'm just one of many examples that prove that it is more than possible.

There were a lot of articles on the subject, and much more is waiting for, because the journey around the world will become a dream for many. Here are a few tips that I personally use to travel as cheaply as possible, and there is still a place to stay (no grass in the park or at the bus station), food and a lot of fun.

Save money on transportation

This is one of the most important things is to travel cheap. Traveling by land is generally cheaper than a trip on the plane, so try not to move too much from one place to another, just in the opposite part of the world. It is better to buy a ticket to the site and explore it more deeply, and then move on land and not to go back, just move on to another destination. Make a route without going back to the same place more than once.

If you can, hitchhike or hire a car if you are traveling with a lot of people, so you can split the cost. Try to walk as much as possible and do not use a taxi for transportation in the city. Your feet – your best friend. Believe me, it is easy to pass even a couple of kilometers a day (that will also help you stay in shape), and if not, use public transport. Remember that taxi prohibited.

Save money on food

There is only one piece of advice, which should be used when eating, if the road – Avoid eating in restaurants. Not only dinner, but breakfast and any snacks can be very expensive to buy, especially in some countries (eg, in Europe). Try to cook and prepare meals whenever you & # 39 with the opportunity arises, it will save you a lot of money. If the time you do not have a kitchen, try the local market to get the best fruit / vegetable / meat, and in many cases you can get there is very little cooked food.

If you have no other chance but to have lunch, find a good place outside the tourist zone. If the locals go there, this is the best sign. It will be much cheaper, and perhaps even tastier, as they will have more time to cook it without all the hassle of travel. Get the day's menu. But be careful: in some countries, you can easily get stomach pain or diarrhea, if you are not accustomed to local food.

Save money on accommodation

Logically, NO 5 * hotel, not 4 * and the rest is not included. Usually the cheapest ways – a youth hostel, but you have to get used to share rooms and a bathroom with other people, so privacy is not offered. If you are staying more than 2 – 3 weeks, then remove the apartment.

Outside the center / away from the beach / or in any place that tourists frequently visit, always much cheaper than exactly where everybody goes. Small hotel, run by the local people, are cheaper than the large hotel resorts. And try free home exchange or couchsurfing.org, which is now widely used.

Save money on travel agencies

Most of the time not only to travel agencies cost you more than when you do go on a trip, but if you book a ticket for that too charges a fee. Thus, use some websites, such as Scyscanner, Kayak, Expedia yourself and take time to check everything to find the best deal. If you can save a validation plane tickets even half the price or more.

Or make your own travel blog and start to promote a travel agency for a free trip in exchange (the so-called press-trip).

As Muslims in the UK can choose the ideal Umrah Packages 2018

The world is ready to welcome the new year, and many Muslims across the UK (United Kingdom) intend to spend their Umrah in 2018. Although this is a minor pilgrimage is not necessarily so, as the Hajj, this is definitely a spiritual journey of Muslims would retain their memories forever.

The followers of Islam living in the UK have a long way from the residence to the holy city of Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To make the journey comfortable for them, many travel companies are coming up every year a number of packages for Umrah. Not all of these packages offer the same benefits to the pilgrims. Thus, it is important to choose these packages after consideration of certain key aspects:


One of the most important considerations when booking Umrah packages for 2018 with a & # 39 is to choose the right company. Although there are many who claim that & # 39 are the best touring Hajj and Umrah, but not all of them are really reliable. This is especially true in the case of tour operators or travel agencies that do not have the permission of the Ministry of Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Only travel agents and companies registered in the Ministry of Hajj, have the right to organize these Islamic religious tours.

The experience of a company that provides tours Hajj and Umrah, must also be taken into account when booking a package for Umrah. Companies that provide these religious tours for more than ten years, can be a perfect option, as they will have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure trouble-free Umrah.


Muslims living in the UK can take advantage of plenty of time to make all the necessary arrangements and start their journey to the holy Umrah during certain seasons of rest. During the Christmas and Easter holidays, most offices and all schools closed. It will be a great opportunity for Muslim seven & # 39; ads together to go to Umrah.

Children in the family & # 39; and can learn more about a minor pilgrimage and all the rituals associated with it at an early age in the company of their parents. Many British tour companies that provide tours Hajj and Umrah, offering attractive offers for Umrah packages from the UK over the Christmas and Easter holidays, which can significantly reduce the overall costs related to the trip.

cost of

It is important to take into account a total budget for the journey to Umrah, before booking Umrah packages in 2018. Usually the cost of these packages include the cost of flights, Umrah visas and hotel accommodation. Zabranivshysya advance UK Muslims can get the desired packages to reduce costs. It also gives them sufficient time to prepare for the journey. UK Muslims may also consider the possibility to book tours of Umrah around at certain times of the year when travel companies provide several lucrative offers on packages.


In the holy city of Mecca there are several important Islamic places that British Muslims wish to visit during the time spent in this part of Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah them. If they were placed in a hotel, not far from the Masjid al-Haram, they would not only have the convenience of access to the holy mosque, but also easy to visit all the important places of Islamic Mecca. For this reason they must always choose packages that include accommodation in an elegant hotel located next to the Masjid al-Haram. Their stay will be a truly memorable with all the excellent facilities placed at their hotel but pleasant situation in Mecca.

A lot of Muslims living in the UK, to help Muslims living in the UK, a lot of time to plan for Umrah plans. Savings on such packages can be effectively used to study sites in various Islamic holy city of Mecca.

10 steps for a trip to Europe

You are probably looking for plane tickets at least once, and you think that I think he will still be there when I was 65 and retired. Do not despair! I will explain how you can travel to the country of your European dream less than you imagined possible.

Step 1. Forget about your exact travel plans

The fastest way to make your trip the best possible way – is to narrow the search for something incredibly specific.

For example, just because you have four days off at Easter, it is a good time to travel. Open yourself to the flexibility of dates, when you travel, the places where you go and what places you stay. The more flexible you are, the cheaper it will travel.

Step 2. Determine where you really want to visit.

I know I just said to be flexible, but it does not mean that you can not choose where you want to visit, it means that you should be open to get to the paths that you did not expect. If you want most of all to visit Dublin, do not look only flights from the USA to Dublin. You are likely to find the plane from the US to other European city is much much less. Then you can book another short flight to Dublin for less than $ 80 twice. This is a great way to see the country and bonuses!

Step 3. Determine from what city you fly

Flights to Europe differ greatly in price depending on what airport you are flying, flying and from the travel date. Thus, a good first step might be to identify from which airport you are going to fly. If you live in a big city such as New York, Boston or Los Angeles, you're lucky! You will find the cheapest flights to Europe from these cities. If you do not live in these cities, chances are you flying through them to get to Europe. Therefore, if you can get to one of the cities, it may be a cheaper option. Otherwise, think to book a flight to one of the cities with your hometown. Although it seems strange, you can get cheaper flights by booking each leg separately, and not book tickets from home to your destination.

Step 4. Determine the cheapest European city, flying

The easiest way to do this – check Web sites that collect all the cheapest minutes, so you did not have to search for hundreds of flights. Some sites allow you to enter the United States, or city that you know that you will go to the "From" field. In the "to" try selecting "everywhere". Then scroll down the resulting list and looking for a first / the cheapest country in Europe, which flew. If, for example, Norway is worth $ 340, and France – $ 380, it is probably worth it to choose France if it is your desired location; However, if the difference is more than $ 100, I would first of all chose the cheapest airport. Annoyed with Skyscanner that transactions often no longer be active, and sometimes you also have to look for a lot of dates, searching for the cheapest. But with patience & # 39 is the key, and that you will find the cheapest flights. Another word of advice is that sometimes the flights pass through the travel agency, and probably worth it to look at the agency reviews before booking the ticket, keeping in mind that happy customers rarely write reviews. But if the agency is one of the five stars, it could be speculation.

Step 5. Find mizhevrapeyski flight to get to the place of the European dream

One thing that most people do not realize that to go from one country to another in Europe – the dirt.

I flew all over Europe for $ 14 one way. No kidding. I've never paid more than $ 60 per flight in Europe. Kayak.com The use to find a flight to a real destination from any country in which you were to book the cheapest flight to Europe.

Step 6: Now that you have come, get a cheap or free place to stay

Everyone has his own idea of ​​a dream vacation. If your stays in Costa Rica, I am surprised that you have read this far into this article. For most of us, we just want to stay somewhere decent and enjoy all that Europe has to offer. I have never stayed in a landfill in Europe. I do not want, and I'm just not so desperate. Accommodation consists of four options: a hotel, rent, hostel or Kushsurf.

  • hotel . Stay in a hotel – safe way, and when you first get to Europe or you do not risk, it is probably the route that you want to go. Hotels, depending on where you go, range from 20 to 200 dollars per night, so that you can keep in mind when selecting your destination. I would not advise to stay in Monaco if your oil company received a record profit in the first quarter, but stay near Nice can be a feasible option. In other words, keep your options open.
  • hire . Booking rooms, apartments, villas or homes as a & # 39 is the safe bet, but it may be a bit more complicated than just check in to the hotel. Websites such as Homeaway and Airbnb, offer several unique places, and I must say that some of my favorite places I stayed in Europe, were renting. From the villa at the winery in Tuscany to alone-in-law in a quiet area outside of London, I liked to stay in the lease, and the price is often much less than staying in a hotel if there is a group of you can split the cost.
  • hostel . Word hostel evokes thoughts of scary movies, but the reality is that the difference between a hostel and a hotel is temporarily not visible in Europe. Of course, there are hostels where you get two & # 39; bunk bed in a room with five other travelers, and it is interesting and exciting for some people! But just because the two & # 39; bunk beds with a & # 39 is your case, does not mean that you have to eliminate everything that has the word in the title of the hostel. I stayed in some of the "Hostel", which was as good as the hotel.
  • Couchsurf . If you do have an insufficient budget or meeting the locals for you is very important, for you there is no better way than to Kuchsurf. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please visit the website Couchsurfing. In fact, the site allows you to request to stay with a man who wants to free travel in their home, and vice versa. People leave the reviews of travelers and owners to be able to reliably make sure that they are reputable. Of course, this is a risk and should be taken precautions. In addition, you should always have a backup plan if things do not turn out.

Step 7. Eat cheap.

I focus on the need to visit Europe: travel, accommodation and meals. Of course, there are many other ways to spend money, but these are the things that you have to spend money, the food – this one.

Eating strange. I love food, and the first couple of trips to Europe. I was disappointed because I randomly walked to restaurants, and most of them were parishioners. This all changed when I started to check on TripAdvisor reviews of restaurants, everything you need to make every dish strange. It was not so much the money-saving tips as a general word of advice. However, TripAdvisor allows you to search by general priced restaurants, so cheap $ $ $$ moderate, $$$ expensive, etc.

Here's a tip for saving money: buying products in Europe is generally very inexpensive. So if you have booked an apartment with a kitchen, use it! Go shopping in the local market and buy some amazing new dishes to cook! If you are going on a trip, take a few sandwich items, to save a few bucks.

Step 8: Understand, there are high costs

While traveling, accommodation and meals – the main cost is, of course, and others. What you might think: transportation on arrival, charge for rides and souvenirs.

Transportation options include travel by public transit. In most European cities there is an excellent and inexpensive public transportation, which can be purchased in local currency or by debit card at the kiosk. Please note that American credit cards often do not work on them, because you need a chip and pin number.

Rent a car – a great option if you plan to travel outside of the cities, it is usually quite affordable and gives you the maximum freedom of mobility. Trains, though charming, is not usually a & # 39 are the cheapest way to travel through Europe. Flying is much cheaper and faster. But if you are in love with the idea to see the country by train, then try to try. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the Eurorail site for a fee. Or if you are more flexible and feel that it is worth the risk, you can purchase them in person at the railway station, as a rule, very little less.

Step 9. Light Travel

Although you would not think that the light travel will save you money, believe me, it will. First of all, each airline collects a fee for luggage. Thus, every part of your flight will cost you between 25 to 100 dollars per bag. It quickly develops. Second, if you have two suitcases, you are going to fill two suitcases full of things that you probably do not need. Third, take the cheap transport like the metro, it is unpleasant and not advisable if you carry around two difficult bags. Fourth, your bags have to be with you all the time or at the hotel, so if you plan to leave in the morning and go to another city, you win and can not do anything until you get to your hotel and check bags. In general, it's just a huge pain to move around a bunch of things in Europe. My advice, and I can not emphasize this, is a backpack. I have a 50L backpack and it was all that I had in Europe last month and a half. For example, in Europe there is a place for washing clothes. If you say, well, you do not understand, because you – the guy. I traveled with two young women, and they both put everything in a backpack. If you say you do not understand, because you are young, I went with my mother to Europe, and she has written all schoolbag standard size! You can also do it!

Step 10. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best

Every time I go to Europe, I plan to go around the expected costs and all. I also plan on at least $ 200 unexpected expenses. In the end, my expenses are always well below this number, but I do not want to ever be in a situation where I was overwhelmed by the cost.


In 2000 words, I gave you a short guide Europe on a budget. Of course, there are many other things on which you can think about when booking a trip to Europe, but most importantly – do it! Find the cheapest flights to Europe and make them. You can fill in the blanks later, do not try to plan everything before you get tickets, and do not try to plan every second of every day. Leave time for spontaneity and immerse yourself into the European life.

Star Resorts Disney

Three of the most unique themed resort at Walt Disney World – a resort "Disney's All Star". Below are some details that will help travelers decide which resort suits them best. They are popular among vacationers seven & # 39; ads, because they are lower price in all Walt Disney World Resort

All star movies

Brightly colored "film" – the five Disney films that provide giant icons such as the 101 dalmatyn, "Toy Story," "Fantasia," "Powerful duck" and "Love bug".

62 hectares, located near "Star Music" and "Star Sports Resort" Disney

Design Architect: Arquitectonica, Miami, Florida

recording Architect: HKS, Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL

Landscape Architect: Herbert-Halback, Inc., Orlando, Florida

An initial set of All-Star was held in November 1992.

Construction began in July 1997

Opening Date: January 15, 1999

Total 1920 rooms for guests

Powerful ducks – 384 rooms – January 15, 1999

Dalmatyn 101 – 384 rooms – January 15, 1999

Fantasy – 384 rooms – March 1, 1999

Love – 384 rooms – March 1, 1999

Toy Story – 384 rooms – April 15, 1999 at

Inspiratory Theater Dinner food world premiere of & # 39; EASURES where these places are held 5 –






Animation Walt Disney Animation and Walt Disney (WDI) collaborated on the design and construction of a large resort icons, providing the right look for each character.

Pools: There are two themed pools. Pool Fantasia themed around Fantasia, while the duck pond is located near the "duck pond".

Pool Fanstasia – Witch Mickey decorates pool themed fantasy and therein 231,610 gallons of water

The duck pond has 105,000 gallons of water

Children pool has 1,200 liters of water

A collection of three-story buildings with the following themes –

Fantasia: Giant sorcerer, hats, spell books, brooms and buckets decorate the hotel zone "Fantasia." witch hat is 45 feet tall and 44 feet in diameter at the base. Broom and a bucket width of 23 feet from bucket to bucket. The upper part of the broom 36 feet in height. Jack in the Box – 35 feet in height, and the Jack – 25 feet in height. Ballerina in a height of 35 feet.

The Love Bug: coat of arms, the famous error will be represented approximately five times larger than the usual size. Herbie tires have a diameter of 9 feet and it weighs approximately 7 tons. Pliers height of 35 feet. Screwdrivers height of 36 feet.

"Powerful duck": Giant hockey sticks, goalie nets and hockey mask in the shape of ducks adorn another area. Hockey sticks weigh 2,000 pounds each and a height of 43 feet. Sticks made from aluminum, and each has been shipped from Rhode Island in two parts. In hockey goal 31 ft high. Each mask is constructed of more than 1,200 pounds of plaster and 11,000 pounds of candy bar. There is also a themed pool with rink

101 Dalmatyn: Features canine stars Pongo & Perdita. In addition, if the count of all dalmatykav these themed buildings, including all the puppies and large icons Pang and Perdita would be exactly 101 Dolmatov. Pong and Perdita weigh about 17,000 pounds. Pang stands about 30 feet, and Perdita – about 25 feet in height. Each requires 15 liters of paint, excluding the couch on which they sit. Pong Icon was made in California in four units on two broad cargo trucks. Work two days workers took two days. Pang ottoman has a height of 10 feet diameter and 12 feet. Fire hydrants 36 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter before.

Toy Story: Features toy soldiers who climb on the roofs of buildings with the following stars – Buzz Lightyear stands about 47 feet tall. Woody about 30 feet in height from the waist to the cap, when he sits on the ground. Woody – shoes height of 7 feet. Icon on the landing "Bucket" – it is about 27 feet in diameter and 36 feet in diameter

Color shades lamp on the walls in the guest rooms are designed to look like a box with papkoram. When you turn on the lamp shade becomes white, and the design of it is no longer visible. This effect is commonly referred to as an "optical illusion". Theatrical productions often use this type of illusion, which is generally known as "skrym". The illusion is achieved, if the subject is lit with holes from the back. If the light is turned on, a printout on a site & # 39 is no longer visible. This optical illusion can also be achieved by loosely woven fabrics.

All-Star Music
Resort with a musical theme, providing large icons that represent the life representing jazz, rock, Broadway, kalypso and country. The design team worked to develop a fully integrated musical theme, which is reflected in a garden landscape, architecture and design inter & # 39; career.

55 hectares, located near "Star Sports" and "Star movies"

Design Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, Florida

recording Architect: HKS, Inc. – Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL

An initial set of All-Star in November 1992

Opening Date: November 22, 1994

Total 1920 rooms for guests

Calypso – 384 rooms – November 22, 1994

Jazz – 384 rooms – 18 December 1994

Rock INN – 384 rooms – January 20, 1995

Country Fair – 384 rooms – 12 February 1995

Broadway – 384 rooms – 17 February 1995

A food court with 550 seats contains wall paintings of outstanding musical performers such as Fred Astara and Gene Kelly.

"Melody Hall" shopping center contains the main lobby reception and a & # 39; Desk objects. Notes musical collaborators, who with the & # 39 are in the registration office in the lobby, prescribed first line from "You Wish Upon A Star". A large gold star, which is located in front of Melody Hall weighs more than 55,000 pounds.

If the image of Mickey Mouse is included in the design as a decorative enhancement, it is called "Deliberate Mickey" because it is specifically designed to make Mickey Mouse a visual complement to the surrounding artwork or logo identification. "Hidden Mickey" is best defined as the image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of the sights of the resort or the Walt Disney. Currently, the All-Star Music Resort is of hidden Mickey. Currently, there are three All-Star Music Resort area – Country Fair (boots); Country Fair (bolo ties); Yard Jazz Inn (upstairs cymbals), which has a "deliberate Mickey & # 39; s".

Pools: There are two themed pools. Calypso pool is shaped like a guitar, while Piano pool resembles a baby grand piano complete with a full keyboard with 88 keys

Swimming pool Calypso – silver star located by the pool, weighs about 33,000 pounds – a fountain of water, located in the center of the pool consists of three Disney characters: Donald Duck, Panchyta and Jose (Joe) Karyoki from the cartoon "Three kabalerasa" (1945) – and therein 251,418 gallons of water

Piano Pool has 106,036 gallons of water

Children pool has 2,767 gallons of water

A collection of three-story buildings with the following themes:

Broadway (Show Tunes): In this region, presented the main caps, musical notes and an oversized mock "Broadway", which shows "Beauty and the Beast." Large cap size 125. There are taxis in the Highway 1972, which is often parked on the roadway in front of the area of ​​Broadway.

Calypso (Island Music): giant sailors, banana leaves and exotic birds such as toucans and macaws, which sit on the railing can be found in Calypso. The sailors in Calypso can accommodate up to 150,000 beads. On the two buildings that make up Calypso has 934 banana leaves.

Country Fair (Country Music): Bolo ties, harmonicas, and giant boots adorn the Country Fair area. Giant boots that with & # 39 are in the courtyard the size of 270, along the top of two buildings – about 132 trucks.

Jazz Inn (Jazz music): a huge swing ensemble along with musicians and musical instrument stands on top of the "Jazz Inn." About music sofa Jazz Inn – about 68 sunglasses. In the swing-band, located at the top of Jazz INN protrudes about 470 musicians.

Rock Inn (rock music): gigantic amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and neon lights, oversized box with Djukov adorn the resort area. 160 entries with & # 39 appeared along the balconies at Rock Inn. Car Chevy Bel Air Coupe 1957 often parked in front of Rock Inn.

All star sports

The resort sports thematic values, represented by an icon "more to life", representing surfing, football, basketball, baseball and tennis. The design team worked on the creation of a fully integrated sports theme, which is reflected in the landscape design, architecture, lighting design and inter & # 39; career. Neon and fiber optics illuminate the main resort icons. Palm trees are arranged to look like a basketball team on the road. Courtyards resemble a football field or a huge area for tennis center.

90 acres, located near "Star Music" and "Star movies"

Design Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, Florida

recording Architect: HKS, Inc. – Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL

An initial set of All-Star was held in November 1992.

Opening Date: 29 April 1994

Rooms: 1920 Number of rooms for guests

Travel up – 384 rooms – 29 April 1994

Hoops Hotel – 384 rooms – 13 May 1994

Landing – 384 rooms – 26 June 1994

Home Run Hotel – 384 rooms – 22 July 1994

Center Court – 384 rooms – 11 August 1994

Sports scenes such as surfing and football decorate the walls of a food court End Zone. On the 550-seat buffet table also presents a giant sports figures sitting at the top of brightly colored green, blue and red dining booths.

Private rooms for the guests presented sports-related sheets, megaphone light fixtures, and artwork depicting sports scenes.

If the image of Mickey Mouse is included in the design as a decorative enhancement, it is called "Deliberate Mickey" because it is specifically designed to make Mickey Mouse a visual complement to the surrounding artwork or logo identification. ( "Hidden Mickey" is best defined as the image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of the sights or the Walt Disney resort Currently, the sports resort of All-Star is not the case of hidden Mickey Resort has the following "Deliberate Mickey", located at the resort -.. In the trashcan ; and in the yard "Touchdown!" (Sazhalnik in the center of the courtyard).

Pools: There are two themed pools. Bay for surfing and swimming pool Grandslam

SurfBoard Bay – Silver Star is located in the SURFBOARD Bay, 46 feet tall and weighs more than 33,000 pounds, it 242 741 liter of water

Grandslam Pool – Grandslam pool formed in a baseball field. In the center of the basin is an aqueous fountain "Goofy on the jug" containing 119,590 liters of water

Children pool has 2,713 gallons of water

Red, white and blue stars for gifts, lighting in cells, which is reminiscent of a basketball gymnasium, and miniature red lockers greet guests in the stadium hall, main registration at the hotel and guest service area. In the Hall of the stadium about 727 stars. A large gold star in front of the stadium hall height of 55 feet and weighs more than 55,000 pounds.

Themed Buildings: A collection of three-story buildings with the following themes:

Center Court (Tennis): stairwells shaped tennis cans and oversized tennis balls that adorn balconies, shown in the center of the site. In banks, for a tennis ball can be placed about 9477609 regulation size tennis balls. There are tennis rackets height of about 51 feet, and tennis balls, which are attached to the balconies, have a diameter of about 5 feet.

Hotel Home Run (baseball): giant baseball bats, cups Coca-Cola, the stadium lights, scoreboards and fencing for the field can be found at the hotel Home Run. It will take more than 20 million cans of Coca-Cola 12 ounces to fill only one of the giant cups of Coke. In 1992, guests at the Walt Disney World Resort consumed approximately 1,600,000 gallons of Coca-Cola, it would fill only 85% of one of the giant Coca-Cola cups. White ash height of 40 feet is required to make a baseball bat the size of a hotel located in a Home Run.

Hotel Hoops (Basketball): pennants favorite college teams, such as the Blue d & # 39; yably, Tigers, Boilermakers and Gyatary, bordered roofline Hoops hotel. Giant basketball courts, which hang from the yard of the building, have a diameter of about 5 feet tall and have more than 70 giant megaphone height of 45 feet. Two whistles – 60 feet long and 20 feet high. Pea whistle inside diameter of about 9 feet.

Surfs Up (Surfing): Small surfboards and colorful fish complement the deep Akvaton Surf & Up. On the balconies of Surf & Up is about 950 red fish and dolphins. Surfboards are about 38 feet in height. Two shark fins height of 38 feet and belong to the great white shark in the length of 300 feet.

Touchdown! (Football): Giant football and larger-than-life football helmets welcome guests from the "Touchdown"! Football player would have to stand at a height of over 200 feet, to be able to wear the giant football helmets.

6 ways to stretch your budget for travel

We all love to travel, but we often feel that we can afford the next vacation. There are so many things to which we love to spend, we want a luxurious stay, cool shopping, eating at different restaurants, but that requires money and to exceed our budget for the trip. The journey should not be expensive. Here are six ways to maximize resources for travel.

Save on flights

If you plan your trip in advance, at least for 6 months or even a year in advance, you can take advantage of promotional prices. Subscribe to the mailing list of airlines; receive updates on deals through Facebook and Twitter. Usually cheaper to travel in the midst. Offers for travel entirely based on availability, and since most people travel on weekends, you will find the cheapest deals for airline tickets, unless traveling on a weekday. If you find that the flight without the clock movement is too expensive, try adding a stop and check, it costs less. Direct flights are also cheaper than flying on a non-stop, especially if you fly on long-haul flights.

overland journey

Imagine having to sit on the bike and go on the breathtaking scenery. Or on bikes around the majestic temples and the historic sites. How about to board the train, try the delicacies and talk to the locals and like-minded people? Of course, this is not always the most convenient option, but slowly travel by road – one of the cheapest ways to experience the country.

Travel at night

This saves you money in two ways, firstly, it is an unpopular option, so it is usually cheaper, and secondly, you save money on accommodation. Most night trains and flights with red eyes – the cheapest options to get from one place to another. Not so and attempt a close eye on sleeping train.

skip hotel

Instead of always stay in expensive hotels, try alternatives such as boarding schools and family homes & # 39; and. Not only that, you are helping to support the local economy, you also do not have to spend money, especially if you save a few rights. In any case, you spend most of your time outdoors. Another affordable and convenient option – to rent an apartment or an apartment if you are traveling with a group. You can choose a place with a kitchen, so you do not have to constantly eat.

Keep track of expenses

Bring a small notebook and list the daily expenses. Record all that spending as travel, accommodation, meals and even small items, such as drinks or laundry. It helps to know where your money is going, so you know what you need to chop. Carefully, like theft budget unnecessary purchases and excessive partying.

Try local food

The main part of your fund will travel for food. Since it is possible to eat well without getting off? Ask the locals about their cheap, these recommendations. Normally, when a crammed place, the food is good and inexpensive. Be open to try the local delicacies, not only because this is your cheapest option, it is also an essential part of travel.

Flash sale hotel: good and bad

5 star hotel for the price of 1 star. Toll-free numbers. Too good to be true hotel offers. sales of flash sites & # 39 appeared across the global network of the weak economy, and gastsinisty desperately want to lose the unused inventory. And consumers cashing in on these flash sales sites, which are discharged hotel inventory with incredibly deep discounts. Websites such as Living Social, Haute Look, Snique Away, Travelzoo and JetSetter. However, consumers believe that they save a lot of money. But is this stable model for the hotel industry? Or all of these growing flash-sites eventually pluck ADR and consumer confidence across the board as it was done OTA sites in the past?

Flash sites are large in size, acting as exclusive (requires friendship by email), acting as auction sites or offering promotional deals on Flash Bang, only available for a very limited time. To further complicate the process, sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, on the & # 39; unite consumers to further decline in hotel prices.

Currently, the model works. Statistics show that consumers on the & # 39; together these flash sites. And now gatelyary shed inventory. Luxury Hotels, finally becoming available to ordinary travelers as 4 and 5 star resorts offer steep discount offers 40-60%. Many consumers believe that they are now not only can stay in nice hotel than they could afford in the past, but also to remain in the on & # 39; sites longer. Many deals include free nights, extends the stay of consumers and free upgrades to other facilities. Thus, one way of viewing flash sales sites – it saves the community money during the unloading of hotel rooms for the industry. Win-win, right?

The question arises, how these hotels are jumping on board the train sales, whether they support and build the model on which they start complaining after a few years? Lacking in these hotels creativity and a willingness to invest in direct sales (as do Flash sites)?

Flash sales sites are useful for the retail market, which is to unload the unsold structures from their shelves, where there are new models released or next season. For these types of discount products – is another way to get rid neprodazhnay inventory. This is not the hotel industry. As we have seen what happened to the OTA, high dyskontnasts leads to value erosion and lack of loyalty and confidence of consumers. Gastsinisty so often collect their inventory and for a discounted price will be almost impossible to convert the rates to where it should be when the time comes. All of these short-term gains will offset long-term growth and sustainability. Even if demand increases with a stronger economy, there is a danger that in the near future sales sites will set the bar too low for the ADR entity and create the impossible.

It is time prachnuts gatelyarav, learn what they see sales of these flash sites, and use them on their own sites. Switch this principle are URL-address offset to its own provisions and reservations item zaahvotsivshy to the same urgency, exclusivity and loyalty as flash sales sites. After all the advantages of flash-site (both in terms of marketing, and from the point of view of consumers) are applied to their own web site of the hotel, a real win-win situation. Gatelyanery able to meet their expectations of tariffs to satisfy consumers & # 39; striving for the best hotel offers. While this does not happen, the interim site for the sale of short-term seems the answer to the eternal question; where can I find the best deal?